Very cool half hour interview on GYST Radio with Kara Tomé.



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Wonderful LA Weekly article by Carol Cheh about alternative spaces in LA.
This explains the FB exchange posted below.
Thank you Carol for tracking us down.



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A funny little FB exchange about our space





A friend sent this paper from her class at Art Center.

Thank you Robin Kuruz for your honesty and for letting us share this with our viewers.





The viewing area in front of the TRACTIONARTS window, also known as the street, is getting resurfaced while "I Am Handsome" by Luis Flores plays.



TRACTIONARTS Viewing Area Gets a Facelift




Zeina Baltagi created a video of her journey to TRACTIONARTS
on the night of her reception


Transitioning through Time

Watch it here, or view it on YouTube.




Downtown (a)Muse

Melissa Richardson Banks





Window on the World

Anne Cusack, Los Angeles Times





Kristine Schomaker's post on Facebook





Hi Ken!

Just to tell you that I stopped by with a friend Friday night and really enjoyed watching the animation, (and watching people watching the animation) which I hadn't seen much during the opening. I absolutely love the venue, the idea. I hope the soundtrack didn't project "inside" and drive you and Kim absolutely nuts.

Now that tonight marks the last night of the run, I just want to say thanks for showing my work. It was terrifically fun!

Happy Summer Solstice,


Laura Parker




Curator Ken Marchionno talks about #TractionArts video exhibit on view #RADDsocial cyclists & walkers #artsdistrict #dtla (at Arts District - Downtown Los Angeles

by Melissa Richardson Banks

from Downtown Muse