Zeina Baltagi Bio


Zeina Baltagi is a multi-media artist and educator. Baltagi recently received her B.A. with an emphasis in printmaking from Callifornia State University Northridge(CSUN). She has taught workshops as well as curated shows and events for the student body as post-president of the CSUN Printmaking Society and Treasurer of the CSUN Painting Guild. Baltagi is also an active member of the Los Angeles Printmaking Society. Baltagi's work investigates transitions and actions as traces left behind, mapping thoughts and movements that create a visual lexicon. Organic artifacts, including cancer cells, scars, and dead skin are aestheticized metaphors for transformation and possibility. Her hand-made and commercial papers bear images, textures, and flaws receiving ideas and actions made visible. Baltagi won best in show in the exhibit Singles and Series juried by Xavier Fumat, master printer at Gemini GEL, for her work Fibrosis(Every single scar on my body). She has exhibited work at CSUN Galleries, and Los Angeles pop up venues.