Kate Parsons Statement

In today’s media saturated world, we often live in a constant state of mental anxiety and chaos, a cacophony of stimuli and expectations. My work deals with this discomfort, which is not limited to a mere moment but is instead ever-present.

I use a mix of analog video and audio to create a feeling of discord as each signal fights for airtime. This process, which can be considered a “hack”, results in the breakdown of the image, which ironically can produce formally pleasing results.

A glitch is often described as the moment when technology is made transparent, or when “the machine reveals itself.” I use this framework to mirror a psychological state, while also referencing previous movements such as Dada and Fluxus. I am also inspired by VJ performance and DIY culture, using mostly outdated technology because it highlights the contrast between our desire for the newest and greatest and the availability of the obsolete.

Ultimately, my current work is about failure and the struggle for power and control as realized through the use of technology. It references ideas from cognitive psychology, specifically cognitive dissonance, distortion, and catastrophizing.