Gareth Walsh Bio


Gareth Walsh is a visual artist from the UK working at the intersections of Art, Cinema, Technology and physical space. His artwork questions the boundaries of perceived reality, and focuses on the illusionary properties developed through the manipulation and recombination of its parts. 

His work has been shown internationally with recent screenings and exhibitions at The Broad Stage (LA), California Nano Systems Institute (LA), LACMA (LA)  Incontri in Terra di Siena Festival (Chiusi, Italy), Ocotillo Performing Arts Center (New Mexico), Lensic Theater (New Mexico), Eagle Hill Cultural Center (Massachusetts), TEDxUCLA (LA) New Gallery (London, UK) Arena 1 Gallery (LA),  New Wight Gallery (LA), 404 Festival of Electronic Art (Rosario, Argentina). Millard Sheets Gallery (LA), Create: Fixate (LA),  Wight Gallery (LA),   

Walsh enjoys working at scale, from small photographic prints and video projections, to whole room and building sized installations. Through interventions formed by the fabric of reality, Walsh creates works that are at times inseparable from the environment that contains them. For the viewer this can create a suspension of disbelief and a complex range of experiences from the mundane through to the spectacle.